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About Carl Potter, CSP, CMC

Carl Potter presents keynote addresses, conducts seminars and workshops and consults to corporations and associations that put safety first on the minds of employees, so that everyone can go home every day without injury.

Carl knows what he's talking about. He spent 17 years with one of the largest electrical utility companies in the United States. Since 1993 Carl has worked with companies to help clients create a safer workplace.

Carl holds a Bachelors Degree in Technical Management and is a Certified Safety Professional. He continues to research, write and speak in areas of motivation and leadership to create a safer workplace.

Carl is qualified to help the executives leaders to front-line leaders in your organization accept responsibility for the safety culture of those who report to them.

Carl is author of:

  • Who is Responsible for Safety?
  • Safety on My Mind
  • Safety Is A Team Sport
  • Working Safely in a Changing Environment
  • Listening for Safety Sake
  • I Am Safe!
  • Accident Prevention Workbook for Distribution Technicians
  • Introduction to Supervision
  • ZERO Responsible Safety Management by Design
  • Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop
  • Safety and the Supervisor Seminar
  • Conquest for Safety
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