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About Gary Sheely

For over 30 years, Gary’s unique role in people’s lives has placed him in the middle of hundreds of conflicts, crises and power struggles. His experiences, education and expertise truly make him a “Tactical Confrontation Specialist.”

Workplace violence is a growing problem in the United States, and Gary brings to his clients an intimate understanding of the confluence of workplace factors that sow the seeds of violence. Those factors can include poor company policies and practices, the personalities of individual workers, stresses in the personal life of the worker, etc.  The primary driver of workplace violence is workplace culture, which is impacted by all the things mentioned.  But the greatest concentration of mitigating influences lie within the leadership and people skills of individual managers and supervisors.  Gary works with them to “break the chain” of events that can lead to incidents of violence.

An energetic presenter in any setting, his entertaining and humorous personal stories give him the unique ability to set the stage for real personal and professional growth.

In addition to his speaking and training of leadership in preventing workplace violence, Gary is an avid skydiver/skydiving instructor with hundreds of skydives under his belt.  He regards his passion for helping people achieve personal change and a better life to be the common denominator in both of these activities.

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