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About Manley Feinberg

For people to behave safely they need to have knowledge, motivation, and inspiration.  People are inspired by other people who can effectively share their passion.  Manley Feinberg is someone who inspires others through his experience as an expert mountain climber.  He has experienced the high-risk environments of ascending thousands of technical climbing routes in more than 500 destinations worldwide.  In fact he wrote a book titled, Reaching Your Next Summit!  9 Vertical Lessons for Leading  with More Impact.

Manley’s inspirational keynotes are brought to life through his riveting mountaineering stories and his National Geographic photography.  Manley vividly shares compelling lessons from his adventure and leadership experiences in a way that allows audiences to relate to their work in high-risk industry.  He shares lessons on how planning and preparation for “when, not if” something happens involves communicating, leading and  following to save your life so you can walk away for another adventure and another day.  He will have you hanging beside him surviving in the Himalayas, struggling to communicate in Uzbekistan, and immediately transfer the experience to moving you forward in your courageous efforts.  

Manley is recognized as an award winning international keynote speaker, business leader, and author whose work has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox, and in The New York Daily News, Entrepreneur, American Express Open Forum and World News.  He served two terms as the President of the National Speakers Association, St. Louis chapter.  During Manley’s eleven years with Build-A-Bear Workshop, his leadership helped take the revolutionary retail concept from 40 stores to over 400 worldwide.

It is this expertise that he shares by applying lessons learned in business and adventures to the daily challenges of life and work.  The authentic, sincere and deep interpersonal connection Manley makes with audiences enables him to deliver practical and proven content to help organizations maximize their opportunities and develop their most valuable asset, their employees.   Bring Manley to your organization to inspire them to engage in creating safe workplaces.


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