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About Mike Bahr

Mike Bahr
Castle Rock Safety, LLC

I have been working in the electrical field since 1974. Working as a journeyman lineman in 1985, I was involved in an electrical accident that brought home the critical importance of workplace safety. Since then I have held several safety management positions at large corporations and have dedicated my career to the development of safety/training programs for both private industry and government clients. I have developed and presented arc flash training worldwide and am a former principal member of the NFPA 70E committee (Electrical Safety Related Work Practices).  I also served as the principal investigator for the development of the Department of Energy (DOE) electrical safety program.

·       I have extensive knowledge in all areas of regulatory compliance.

·       I have over 30 years of experience in the electrical utility/construction industry.

·       I have a proven track record of successful supervision of safety department personnel.

·       I have provided technical interpretations of OSHA safety requirements.

·       I am adept at developing safety and health programs for corporate application and providing comprehensive risk management and analysis.

·       I have utilized my specialized knowledge of accident causation and control to prescribe integrated accident and loss control programs.

·       I can communicate recommended controls, procedures, and programs designed to eliminate hazard potential to employees.

·       I have excellent communication and teaching skills in a multitude of disciplines.

·       I am a Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA)

·       Served on NFPA 70E Committee 

Mike has developed and extiensive body of knowledge that he delivers to clients worldwide:

·       Low Voltage Electrical Safety Training for the Qualified Worker

·       Fundamentals of Arc Flash Safety, Calculations, and Regulations for Utilities Course

·       Safety Regulations for Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

·       Becoming a Safety Leader:  Achieving a Zero Injury Workplace

·       Personal Protective Grounding:  Think Electrically, Not Mechanically

Mike has been married to his wife, Sandy, for four decades and is the father of one daughter and three sons, and he has four granddaughters.

Mike has developed an extensive body of knowledge that he delivers to clients all over the world:

Example of comments after conducting a recent training class:

The training was a huge success.  Mike did an outstanding job with the electrical safety training.  I received many positive comments which include, but are not limited to:

“I usually don’t enjoy this type of training, but I enjoyed the class.  Mike kept it interesting”

“I learned a lot.  I didn’t realize the risks I’ve been taking”

“The training really opened my eyes to the hazards and what can happen”

“The instructor did an outstanding job”

“That was the best safety class I have ever been to”

I probably had 20+ people who made comments similar to the above.

The technicians were especially impressed with Mike’s ability to present the material at a level which they could relate to their daily activities.  I have witnessed a culture change.

J Daniel, Supervisor, Georgia Gulf


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